Meet the Team.

Hilaire Bakoume
Co-founder & Chief Visionary

Futuristic, focus, achiever, learner and deliberative mark his personality, passionate for healing and empowering people for life, father of one child and married to Ghislaine Sipa. His cheerful heart is contagious.

Co-founder/ Head of Production

Resourceful, hard-working, enthusiastic, great organizational abilities and dedicated trainer. His passion is to use Media as a platform for Nation building. He is a father of three children: two boys and one girl.

Ghislaine Sipa
Advisory board member

Listener, sensitive, analytical, advisor and flexible, she is passionate about empowering people to face and bring lasting solutions to their challenges. Others see her as an easy-going person able to adapt to new environment.

Loretta Akunna
Advisory board member

Hospitable, brave, self-sacrificing, caring and adorable woman. She is a trained videographer with some design skills in her toolkit. Her dream, is to help young girls be ready for the next phase of their lives through mentoring and discipleship.

Cedric Njoja

Creative, peaceful, considerate, understanding and counsellor shape his personality, passionate to help people build their talents and serve others. His commitment has no limit when it's all about doing thing God’s ways. His witty lifestyle is extremely flabbergasting to others.

Elkanah Ayoh

Excellent communicator, assiduous, flexible, relational and resilient support his personality. He is passionate about inspiring hope and empowering people through health education. He is an influential tutor to others who makes a difference with integrity in word and actions.

Johnson Ikome

Friendly, flexible, hardworking, patient and kind shape his personality, his passion is to help and support people in need near and far off both physically and spiritually. He is seen as an open-minded leader.