The vision of buildings

A group of young teenagers from a local public high school in the city of Yaoundé began to share the Good news of Jesus to their classmates. Until one day, an astonishing vision led them into a new direction of life till today.

In 2005, Hilaire excitedly came to share with a number of them the day-light vision he had while mopping the floor of his house. It was a fresh vision that revived the Christian youth movement they had started in high school nineteen years ago.

The vision showed a large open field with plenty of storey buildings erecting from the ground to form a new kind of educational building infrastructure designed to develop talented people and champion them to be the ambassadors of Christ in every sphere of society. After hearing the details of the vision, they were excited but limited financially and wondered if it was not just a trivial vision for many of them didn’t even have the means to continue further studies after high school due to limited finances. They had no choice other than to live the dream inside their hearts and believe the vision giver will fulfill it in due time.

The ten years of silence inside
Issa’s story

At the appointed time, they had to separate from one another for various reasons. Issa embarked on a long journey of faith with God to pursue his dream of becoming an influential multimedia communicator.
In 2009, he started his first missionary journey to the Central Africa Republic, leaving his family back home in Cameroon. However, little did he know that new challenges lied ahead of him. As days went by, he found great comfort in learning how to trust in God for everything. A couple of months later after completing his discipleship training school in YWAM Bangui, He was on his second trip to Nigeria to study digital communication with Media Village Nigeria. A usual work duty time became special one day after Issa got inspired by the Lord to offer high-quality training in either French or English language speaking countries of Africa to people who have limited finances. He envisioned a platform that will not only host media production training but also create job opportunities for the trainees. This is how GoAfricaMedia was born.

This new perspective led Issa to pray and search for other ministries that were already doing what God was showing him. He was particularly a fan of Create International and was at some point getting ready to travel to Thailand and become one of their staff but The Lord did not allow this plan to prosper and rather kept him in Nigeria, where he studied Digital Communication, design and became the second school leader in Media Village after Ishaya Arin. He will labor hard to train young people, forgot about Go Africa Media and Create International.

In 2014, Issa got married and later on became the father to twins’ baby boys. He stayed in Nigeria until he felt pressed to relocate to Cameroon to establish the promised vision he and his high school friends had promised one another to do after ten years. Issa and his wife had a hard time to agree on the plan to relocate to Cameroon because of all the risks and the loss of some items they will have to go through. They finally decided to walk in obedience with The Lord, who called them to pioneer a new mission base in the South West Region of Cameroon.

Once in Cameroon, Issa and his friends had a strategic meeting to explore corporately a timeline of activities. This is how it became clear to Issa that the big move to the city of Buea together with his family couldn’t happen before January 2019.
Issa got eventually employed as an Art teacher in one of the international high schools in Yaoundé. Later on, he was finding it difficult to resign from his job and relocate to Buea to do mission work and depend solely on his relationship-based support. He was advised by friends him to start raising funds before going to Buea but he was not sure of what to do until he returned from attending a Christian media conference in Thailand. It was a time set by the Lord because he met people who became his friends, embraced his family and offer to employ him as their media producer for Africa. More so, they were supportive of his mission in Buea.
Today, Issa is able to take care of his family while doing mission across Africa and locally within the Academy of the Nations in the city of Buea. This has been one of his dreams, to provide for his family while working for the Lord.

The ten years of silence inside
Hilaire’s story

In 2007, Hilaire had decided to discover God’s purpose for his life long before their separation of the group took place. After completing his discipleship training school in YWAM Douala, Cameroon, he felt ejected into a fearless intimacy with God never had he experienced before.

In June 2008, a twenty-two-year-old young man whom he was, born in a family of two children traveled to South Africa knowing without a shadow of a doubt that one day he will return to his home country. He began the first school of primary health care in YWAM Worcester and then joined the staff team to continue serving as all YWAM missionaries. He staffed for two years before taking over the leadership of the school from Jenifer Thebe. This new assignment didn’t satisfy the burning desire Hilaire had to complete his education in primary health care with the University of the Nations to be well-equipped to do more in the medical mission field. Moreover, he often felt left alone in the desert abandoned by God and with no friends by his side to financially support him. Despite his attempts to meet his basic needs, which never prospered as he expected, God made it possible for Hilaire to discover the good plans He had for him and forget the miseries he had experienced in the past.

In 2010, Hilaire was profoundly discouraged because he didn’t have the finances to complete his education and just when he was about to lose all hope for his future God used the picture of a little child who smiles with tears running down on his soft juvenile cheeks to reveal His unfailing plans for Hilaire’s life. Immediately, he strongly felt called to bring health care to meet the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of the poor and sick people. From that day on, Hilaire began with confidence what he calls his Healing joy missions.

In 2014, Hilaire’s dream was on its way to becoming a reality He was back to class to study Applied Primary Health in YWAM Perth, Australia thanks to the support of an organisation called 4africa, and friends.

In July 2016, he finally obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Primary Health Care, In addition to his diploma in Basic ambulance assistant from Action Training Academy in Durban, South Africa. Six months later, Hilaire got married to Ghislaine, and since then Hilaire has been doing medical missions in Africa supported by friends across the globe.

Directed from two African Nations

Before their reunion in Cameroon, they called for a prayer meeting and it happened that Hilaire was in Noépe Togo at that time with a Cameroonian friend who came for biblical training. Issa was away from them in Jos, Nigeria. They were praying to seek clear direction from The Lord on where to go and pioneer a new YWAM base in Cameroon. At the end of that moment of prayer, they were directed to visit the city of Buea.

Our First Visit to Buea

Buea is the capital of the southwest Region of Cameroon. It was formerly called the city of legendary hospitality and the capital city of British Southern Cameroon. Buea hosts one of the prestigious mountains in Cameroon called Mount Cameroon.

As they were planning to visit Buea for the first time, they were faced with some financial challenges to meet the cost of the trip but, a day before they were to travel great was their astonishment to receive a donation of money for the trip. On the due day, they started a six-hour journey by car to reach the city of Buea. They arrived in Buea on broad daylight and were welcomed by Issa’s brother who took them for a tour around town, and accommodated them for a night but they spent a night in prayer asking God to confirm His word that has led them to this piece of the country land. They left with one common perspective that Buea was a place of peace reserved to host the vision God had given them.

The mission trip to Buea only lasted less than twenty-four hours. The following morning they returned to Yaoundé.

Preparing the Way

In May 2017, Hilaire together with his wife, Ghislaine moved to Buea to prepare the way for the launching of a new kind of faith-based training organization. They were encouraged to remember that they are not alone, God will go before them, and He will never leave them.

In January 2019, Issa and his family relocated to Buea and the word of God to them before moving to Buea was that they go to do His will and not theirs.

Hilaire and Issa’s desire to contribute to the development of people has led them to established top quality training and mercy ministries in the area of health and multimedia, integrated with income-generating projects.

There was nothing more satisfying for them than to be considered as servant leaders but, they wanted to serve people in a way that extends hope in their lives and equally restores them into healthy relationships in every aspect of life. They believed that quality education is an essential tool to foster sustainable growth when every person allows God’s viewpoint to count and set the standard by excellence to follow in all things.

Once they arrived in Buea, they found themselves in the heart of a regional crisis called the Anglophone crisis. They felt held at the border of their promised land but persuaded that running away was not an option. Therefore, they prayed to find the courage in every risk taken in obedience to God.

They were not pleased with prayer alone to see an end to this Anglophone crisis. Thus, they responded to God’s call to be ambassadors with a mission to bring the Good News of Jesus to people in the communities in which they serve.

A new perspective is born.

In July 2017, Hilaire Bakoume and Issa Zock, together with their families and proudly supported by friends across the globe, established a different kind of faith-based training organisation committed to “Bringing knowledge beyond…”
Today, the AofN is currently operating as an arm of World Wide Mission in Cameroon. The AofN is a platform made up of people from different backgrounds, working together for a shared purpose, using their gifts and talents to make God known in every aspect of what they do. Once upon a time, they felt called to inspire, equip and disciple people but little did they realised that they were also stepping into the arena of entrepreneurship to alleviate poverty at all levels in our society.