Education Philosophy

A Unique Approach

We help you discover your unique talent, reinforce your potential while walking alongside you to reduce financial poverty.

More Than Just Information

Our Training base is a gateway into a restoring and discipling environment, where developing a whole person and walking in the ways of God are fundamental.

Immediate Application on the Focus Field

Learned knowledge without hands on practice is an opportunity wasted. Our Learning by doing training approach is infused throughout the course of the program.

Extending Hope

We are committed to helping reduce poverty at all level by taking the risk to create new opportunities for the good of the others in our community.

Communicate without Limit

Every Language on earth provides an invaluable opportunity to effectively communicate with every person. For this reason, French and English are used as languages for education while being open to speakers of other languages.

Work with Excellence

We pursue excellence in everything we do, always welcoming constructive observations and are dedicated to finding ways to do better than our best.