Orientation to Medical Missions

Medical professionals bringing God’s healing through short-term outreaches in Africa. Orientation to Medical Missions


Three-week seminar in Buea designed to provide a unique opportunity to medical professionals of various fields from overseas who want to use their skills to passionately take part in bringing healing beyond physical sickness in low-resourced areas in Africa while growing in their knowledge of God and dependence on the Holy Spirit.

You will be able to invest your time, resources and expertise to serve in variable health settings, teach and train others. You will be challenged to adapt to a foreign cultural environment and share the Gospel.

This seminar is divided into two phases of which the first phase consists of one week of orientation to prepare the participant through medical mission focused class session. The second phase introduces the participant to a “Live and learn” process to gain confidence and first-hand experience in serving as a medical missionary in either a rural or urban setting, in a hospital or mobile clinics.

Course Content

Topics include:
  • Biblical foundations to medicine
  • God’s heart for the Poor and needy
  • The leadership of the Holy Spirit
  • Healing of the whole person’s mind, body & spirit
  • Mission in vision
  • The heart of intercession
  • Medicine with morality
  • Global and tropical health issues
  • Spiritual warfare
  • Redemption of pain

Our fees are based on the nationality of the applicant.
African Participant: 120 000 Fcfa (housing excluded) + 3000 Fcfa registration fee.
Other national participant: 225 000 Fcfa ($410) + 27500 Fcfa ($50) registration fee.
The fees include tuition, food, & housing. Prices might change without prior notice.


Upcoming dates are:
Phase 1 – TBA (Lecture);
Phase 2 - TBA
(Outreach can be extended to a longer period on request by the participant but not more than one month).