Are you ready to help transform lives?

You will never fully image how your presence alone may help a hopeless child living in an orphanage, an individual struggling to express His or her creativity through multimedia tools, or a mother in need of health education to care for her children. You may share your testimony in one of the local churches in our community, or you may step into one of the hospitals to learn and support those doing lifesaving services to bring God’s healing in the lives of the sick. You may also mentor a young person to start a small business that will help meet his or her basic living needs.

Who can join us?

At the Academy of the Nations, we need people with a heart to serve first. We can always discuss how your expertise can be of help in what we do, so do not hesitate to share more about your qualifications especially what you are interested in doing during your time of service with us.

Your FIRST step – Foundations of the AofN.

Every person who joins us for the first time will volunteer for a maximum period of three months non-renewable. After this period of service, you will walk away with a deeper understanding of our history and mission, and what to expect if you were to join our staff team.

How Can I Become a Staff Member?

If you prayerfully consider becoming a staff member of the AofN, we give you two options which after completing make you eligible to join our staff Team.

Option One
The first option is a one-year faith-based program to study the 40 principles of the Global Entrepreneurship Institute of the LaRed ministry. We offer this invaluable training opportunity in partnership with LaRed Foundation located in the USA.

Option two
The second option is to complete a Discipleship Training School (DTS) with YOUTH WITH A MISSION at any of their bases in the world.

Do you have any Questions?

Our communication Team is available to help you along the way, and answer any questions you may have. It only takes you a minute to contact us.