Faith in Action…

Our Vision

We are called to make every talent an instrument of evangelism by inspiring, equipping, and discipling people from all backgrounds, passionate to become catalysts of social transformation for Christ across Cameroon and the nations beyond.

Our Mission

Our mission as a local faith-based training organisation is to: Empower individuals to achieve their highest potential through the provision of quality education and Christ-centered revelations. Help individuals put faith, knowledge, and love into action in every arena of society as skilled servant-leaders through life-changing mercy ministries.

Core Values

These eleven stated core values serve as guides to remind us who we are, what is important to us.

We are called to be filled with the knowledge of God’s will. We humble ourselves to come to the source of all knowledge, to know Him is ultimately our first step then, to make Him known into every arena of society through newly learned knowledge, creative skills and unique talents combined with personal transformed character.