Sharing the Word of God to see people transformed as they believe and live according to God’s intention for every aspect of life.

Get involved

Dynamic Bible education seminars
Provide biblical education to those who want to learn how to discovered God’s truth by themselves through the inductive bible approach seminars. We challenge them to go and then live according to God’s intentions for their lives.

Work alongside the Local churches and Missions organizations
We seek to join the local churches and other missions organizations to share the Gospel and disciple people from all backgrounds through evangelism, teaching, preaching and mercy ministries such as helping children in need, widows, homeless, sick people living in poverty.

Impacting communities through seed projects
Together with the local community, we identify our needs; imagine lasting solutions and work hand-in-hand to make it becoming a reality that will benefit people in communities in which we serve.


You can join our team of experienced international missionaries who are committed to invest their time, energy and resources to serve alongside the local body of Christ in order to help eradicating the greatest form of bible poverty in our communities and Nation. You will visit the local church (a variety of denominations); homes, hospitals, prison; orphanages; villages and cities. You will be challenged to get involved and inspire hope in desperate situations such as injustice, drugs abuse, domestic violence, unwanted pregnancies; hopelessness in sickness, unhealthy relationships and many real-life issues which can be reduced by simply living up to the truth of God’s Word.

We welcome relevant ideas which can foster this vision, you could be one of the key persons to either make the different we seek to implement or the gap we have not filled in the arena of society we long to influence and impact in God’s ways.

Volunteer: Bible teachers, outreach teams, churches leaders, missionaries.